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What is the Consumer Directed Services (CDS) option?

The CDS option allows you or your legally authorized representative (LAR) to be the employer of some of your service providers.

  • You hire and manage your own employees
  • You set the wages for your employees, within state guidelines
  • You can give benefits, such as vacation days and bonuses
  • You will select a CDS agency (CDSA) to do your payroll and federal and state taxes
What is the difference between the traditional agency option and CDS for delivery of services?

Agency Option

  • Agency hires service providers
  • Agency sets wages for service providers
  • Agency does payroll and taxes

CDS Option

  • You hire your own employees
  • You set wages and benefits based on your service budget
  • You select a CDS Agency to do your payroll taxes
How does CDS work?
You will select the CDSA that will process your payroll and act as your agent to pay federal and state taxes. The CDSA will help you set up an initial budget.
Where can I find a list of CDSA’s?
See or ask your case manager or service coordinator
What if there is no CDSA in my town?
Some CDSAs serve the entire state. Others serve certain parts of the state. You can select a CDSA that serves your area. The CDSA staff either drive to consumer towns or have contracted staff in your town. The only face-to-face meeting you need is the first orientation meeting. All other business can be conducted over the phone or via fax.
Do I get more money in my service plan if I use the CDS option rather than having an agency provide my services?
No. Use of the CDS option must be cost neutral. The money in your service plan will be the same regardless of whether or not you use CDS.
What will I be able to pay my service provider?
The payment rates for CDS services can be found in the program links. Taxes and employer related expenses come out of these figures, so the actual amount you will be able to pay your employees will be less than that amount.
Who do I contact if I am interested in using the CDS Option in my program?
Contact your case manager/service coordinator. They will explain the CDS option and enroll you in CDS.
Why would I want to choose CDS?
  • When you hire your own employees you can often find family, neighbors, or friends to work for you.
  • Within your allotted service budget, you can set your employees’ wages and benefits
  • You can hire back-up employees for those times when your regular employees are not available to work
Can I hire family members to be my service provider?

It depends on your program. Below is a list of people who cannot be your employee:

The employee cannot be:

  • the employer;
  • the individual’s spouse or the employees spouse
  • the designated representative or the designated representative’s spouse;
  • the individual’s parent, or legally authorized representative, if the individual is under age 18
  • the primary caregiver in the Primary home Care Program (Includes Community Attendant Services and Family Care)
How would my employees be paid?
  • Your employees complete timesheets ((EVV) Electronic Visit Verification is Optional for CDS consumers)
  • Your CDSA will do your payroll and taxes
Who trains my employees?
  • You train your own employees
  • You will be given training materials from the CDSA to show employees how to complete employment and payroll forms
How do I do the paperwork?
Your CDSA will train you to do your portion of any paperwork. You will also be shown what paperwork you need to maintain your records.
What do I do if an employee doesn’t work out?
As the employer, you can dismiss anyone who doesn’t work out. Your CDSA will train you to manage employees.
What happens if I choose the CDS option and later change my mind?
  • You can choose not to participate in the Consumer Directed Services option at any time
  • Your case manager or service coordinator can help you change to the agency option
  • You will be required to be off of the option for at least 90 days before participating in the CDS option again
Who do I call if I need help?
If you need help with employer-related questions, call your CDSA. If you need help with unresolved issues with your CDSA, call your case manager or service coordinator.
Who’s responsible for ensuring that consumers receive their authorized services?
You, the employer, take responsibility for providing all program services under the CDS option. Employers will recruit, hire, and supervise their own employees and any back-up employees. The CDSA is not responsible for providing employees for you.

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