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Experienced professionals are qualified to develop and deliver a treatment plan that is medically sound.

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Roles & Responsibilities

Service Planning Team/IDT Team


  • Services required by the individual
  • Effective Date/Service unit levels
  • Goals of services
  • Frequency of Services
  • Individual Plan of Care
  • Services needing a back-up plan


  • Termination of the CDS option
  • Back-up Plans

Case Manager

  • Provides overview of service delivery options upon enrollment and annually
  • Assists with enrollment in CDS service delivery option
  • Visits as required by program rules
  • Provides service plan and changes to CDSA employer
  • Reviews status reports from CDSA and documents reviews
  • Initiates interventions and program case management services
  • Convenes the service planning team
  • Assists with changes in service delivery option
  • Assists with changes in provider agencies
  • Notifies CDSA and employer of changes to services plan

CDSA (Consumer Directed Service Agency)

  • Provides initial orientation
  • Provides ongoing training and support
  • Assists, approves, and validate budgets for funds
  • Assists with DPS criminal conviction HX checks
  • Verifies credentials of potential service providers
  • Employer agency-handles payroll withholding’s, deposits, and reporting, timesheets, receipts, invoices, and pays service providers
  • Provides budget status report
  • Contacts case manager to report non-compliance with employer responsibilities
  • Initiates interventions and corrective action plans
  • Can recommend termination of CDS for continues non-compliance

Employer (Consumer) or Legally Authorized Representative (LAR)

  • Submits applicant documentation and qualifications to CDSA
  • Hires/dismisses employees
  • Provides training and supervision to service providers
  • Manages service providers
  • Submits timesheets, invoices and receipts to the CDSA
  • Revises/adjusts budgets as needed with CDSA approval
  • Implements interventions and corrective action plans
  • Develops a service back-up plan

Mission Statement

In everything we do at A-One Plus Home Health Care Agency LLC, we put the well being and interest of our patients first…

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